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Things You Never Knew About the Moggers

-We have known each other since 5 years of age
-This year marks our 35th year of friendship
-We have never gotten in a fight (with fists or otherwise)
-Strangers mistake us for sisters allthetime
- Janet drinks green tea and the occasional vodka cooler
- Joy drinks copious amounts of coffee and the {very occasional} bottle of white wine
- Janet drives painfully slow
- Joy drives painfully fast
- Janet is the brains
- Joy is the brawn
- Janet went to a new hairdresser and came out looking fabulous
- Joy went to the same hairdresser and came out looking the same ($120 later)
- Janet loves chocolate
- Joy hates it (Oh come on, I'm kidding)
- Janet has many talents
- Joy notsomuch
- Janet listens to Christmas music in the car starting in September and likes it
- Joy thinks that's just weird
- Janet likes Tony Bennett
- Joy likes Keith Richards and Tony Bennett (why should one have to choose?)
- Janet likes the english dude from Bridget Jones Diary (not Hugh Grant, the other guy)
- Joy likes George Clooney
- Janet likes George Clooney too
- Joy likes him more (you can't choose 2 people here - new rule)
- Janet thinks Joy has weird obsessions with Regis Philbin and Larry King
- Joy says "What of it?"
- Janet likes reading romance novels!!!!
- Joy knows she's going to get in BIG MUCH trouble for divulging that...


  1. Colin Firth IS to die for in Bridget Jones'.

  2. LOL! I love this! It reminds me of the "Friends" episodes where, every once in awhile, they would just start blabbing everyone's secrets! So, some thoughts:

    Totally disagree that Joy doesn't have talent!!
    I ADORE Colin Firth!
    George Clooney - eh.
    Regis Philbin? Larry King? Really?
    Smutty romance novels or sweet ones? Tell her you didn't divulge which kind!


  3. You two are so much fun-your blog is addictive. (Even though the Domino pictures you hate are all my favorites!) Your post on the Mario Buatta Florida house was priceless. Thanks for checking out our blog. We have much in common-we started our blog in January 2009, it's two girls-my daughter and I, we both love to write and love great design-she is in fashion and my passion is interior design. Best of luck-you are charmingly irreverent!

  4. You were twins in a previous life.

  5. As a Romance novelist who just JUST printed off her first manuscript to send to Silhouette Desire, I gotta say "Janet rocks!"

    Laurel @NewsyGal


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