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But How Does This Make You FEEL?

via: apartment therapy (no pun intended)

JOY: So can you guess what this is?
JANET: Your grandmother's living room.
JOY: Nope. It's a photo of a NYC psychoanalyst's office.
JANET: Bugger off. It is not.
JOY: Seriously.
JANET: Geez, you might just need more help after getting out of there.


  1. I think that wallpaper would be enough to put me into therapy all on its own.

    I'm a little concerned about the dolls on the shelves too. VooDoo dolls or additional characters for roleplay scenarios to help work through issues? Both options a little scary.

  2. We know! Isn't it scary?? And it is a REAL office!


  3. The reason why I love your blog is your very funny p.o.v. It is really a "tongue in cheek" parody of many design blogs out there.
    Ok. I am about to say something that could get me in a lot of hot water with many die-hard design themed blogger sites, but I mean no harm and just making an observation. Ok? Here is it is: Who has that much time on their hands to cut and paste so many photos from the major design mags? Blogging is the modern day quilting bee. Really, someone can write a sociology paper on blogging and womens need to nest.

  4. Hey Anon,

    We have no clue. Just what *we* do is exhausting enough. And we don't even get to snuggle up with it at night.
    I think you may be right-- somebodys's gonna get a Ph.D out of this!

  5. The dolls creep me out but the sandals creep me out even more. I think they contain Velcro. Do shoes count in decor? Question of the day....

  6. The scariest part of that to me is that I have a friend with a room that looks very much like your photo. I wont go in!

  7. This is right up there with Chelsea Handler's fake therapist office on Chelsea Lately, where Chelsea wears crazy sweaters, glasses, and straddles a big bouncy playground ball to use for a chair! All it's missing is a "Hang in There!" kitty poster!

  8. Yes, you're so right - we know that skit! lol

  9. The only thing missing in this photo is about 15 cats. Does she, or does she not look like a "cat lady"?!


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