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Grunge or Gross?

JOY: Whaddaya think of these lovely antiques that have been 'grafittied' - I just made that word up btw.
JANET: Who would do that to what was probably a really nice piece?


JOY: Jimmie Martin from the U.K.
JANET: Is he crazy?
JOY: Yeah, crazy like a fox. His work is selling like mad.


JANET: I'm getting you this one for your upcoming birthday...


JOY: Thanks, my husband will love it.

JANET: Ooooh, look at this one...
JOY: It's the side of Prince Charles we've never seen before.
JANET: Yeah, and never want to see again.


Tell us, is this your cuppa tea?...


  1. Very funny-this stuff is wrong on many levels. Actually though, I think much of what he does is gorgeous. It is also a hip, urban, irreverent way of using some stodgy old English antiques. Looking through his website there are some inspired ideas on how to update garage sale or fugly inherited furniture. I really like your blog!

  2. That armoire will look swank in my two-year-old daughter's bedroom.

  3. Ha! I did a post for tomorrow's Design Crisis and I used that stripper pole armoire. Nice...

  4. Who buys this stuff? And what's wrong with them? Do you think the chair was commissioned by Camilla? Who's the rottweiler now? Actually, it looks a little morphed. Maybe it's HRH Charilla, The Dukechess of Cornwall Parker-Bowles.

  5. Um, no, it's not my cuppa. I'm a little freaked out right now, to tell you the truth. I'll be having nightmares about the Prince Charles chair!

  6. WOW. It is almost heartbreaking to see such beautiful pieces, hand crafted at one time I'm sure, turned into .. that. I mean if one is to design furniture in such a manner, WHY do so with antiques??? :(


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