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If These Walls Could Talk...

Source: Gourmet Mag '08

JANET: This is a cool kitchen.
JOY: Isn't it? You know how I love my open shelving. Gotta get me some of that open shelving...
JANET: Yeah, but there are drawbacks...
JOY: Dust being one of them?
JANET: You'd be in there steady with your feather duster.
JOY: Please, who uses a feather duster? That thing just redistributes the dust.
JANET: True. What's with the note?
JOY: Not sure. It says "Thanks for your sagacity". And then it's signed by 'Norm'.
JANET: I know what 'sagacity' means.
JOY: But of course you do!
JANET: It refers to level headedness or reasonableness.
JOY: Well, I'll tell you what I would write on there...
JANET: What?
JOY: Big notes like "PLATES HERE" ... "GLASSES HERE" ... "BOWLS HERE"
JANET: Your sagacity scares me.
JOY: I'll take that as a compliment.


  1. Two words: Chalk. Dust.
    Whole sentence: I prefer my espresso without a sprinkling of chalk dust. Thank you.

  2. Amen! Chalkboard paint's a pose and the note "Thank you for your sagacity" makes it an irritating one at that.

  3. You ladies are sooo funny! I always think that stuffs from interior magazine/site are dreamy and beautiful. and you bring me back to earth! Who wants a kitchen that smells like a poor classroom?


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