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If This Shower Could Talk

Source: domino

JANET: Uhm, this isn't really a room. You know, with walls?
JOY: Yeah, but we can still talk about it. Trust me.
JANET: Why do I suspect there's something you want to say about outdoor showers?
JOY: My feelings are this— yes, perhaps at first glance, they look cool—I mean, it's an outdoor shower– So Sexy... Ya-da-ya-da-ya-da.
JANET: I feel a 'but' coming on...
JOY: BUT, in all practicality this is NOT a shower for anyone over, let's say, our age.
JANET: I think I'm seeing your point...
JOY: Hey, for the 20 year-old set it’s great. Get in there, and throw back your pretty li'l head, lather your lithe little self up, let the water cascade down your tight, unwrinkled body...
JANET: Work it baby, work it!
JOY: But seriously. For anyone our age it becomes a freakin' outdoor car wash.
JANET: And I've got waaaaaaaaaay too much junk-in-the-trunk, if you know what I mean.
JOY: I'm not parkin' myself in there either. So suddenly the 'sexy outdoor shower' idea? Not so much sexy anymore.
JANET: I think caftans are sexy.
JOY: Caftans rock. So let's make a pact: when we buy our side-by-side houses in Turks & Caicos that have outdoor showers like this, we are totally ripping them out.
JANET: Done deal...


  1. is that the ROAD running right in front of that? i hope i am mistaken!!!

    i'll take my caftan in pink...

  2. Me three on caftans. I collect vintage ones.

  3. Is it just me, or does that particular shower strongly resemble a disease bio-hazard disinfectant shower? hmmm.


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