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The Truth, Fictitious Floridian Godmothers & Chintz

Source: AD

JOY: Behold, Janet.
JANET: Oooh. Lovely. Who does this belong to?
JOY: My little known Floridian Godmother.
JANET: Oh come on! You don’t have a Floridian Godmother. Tell me the truth.
JOY: You can’t handle the truth!
JANET: Try me, Jack.
JOY: It’s yet another gem from Architectural Digest.
JANET: You know what? You’re right. I can’t handle the truth.
JOY: It’s from the March 2009 issue.
JANET: Okay. Seriously. Has AD been taken over by some Alien Decorating Mothership?
JOY: Either that or these people are stuck in a time warp.
JANET: Well, time warp or aliens or whatever, there is ALOT going on in this room.
JOY: Yeah, a lot of pillows, a lot of checks and a lot of chintz.
JANET: A lot of ugly chintz… y’know, I bet if we cleared away half of the junk, this room would look twice as good.
JOY: At least.
JANET: Think your Floridian Godmother would go for it?
JOY: Doubt it…


  1. Is that an urn standing on the right next to the non floral sofa?

  2. Yes, it does look that way M, doesn't it?! That or a barrel full of monkeys perhaps?

  3. I'm not sure - check me on this - but is there a GIANT silver pineapple hanging under the porch ceiling?

    I also feel bad for the little guys holding up those easter baskets over their head.

  4. What is UP with the damn chintz all of a sudden?

    And I would TOTALLY decorate my house with a barrel full of monkeys, they'd be tidier than my teenager and wouldn't talk back.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. It kinda reminds me of a "Where's Waldo" picture.
    Maybe HE'S in the barrel. ;)

  7. It's Mario Buatta-very 1980s. These people obviously have far more money than taste. Do I sense less than unbridled enthusiasm that our friends at Conde Nast are trying to send us AD instead of Domino? Look on the bright side-Architectural Digest is a non-habit forming sleep aid.


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