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More Things You Never Knew About the Moggers

If you've read this , you may want to read this:

(*ED NOTE: This was written by JANET)

-Joy is older than Janet-- by three months
-Janet will always be younger than Joy (!)
-Joy needs to drive-- even when travelling in Janet's vehicle
-Janet says 'Whatever' to that
-Joy knows how to do a donut-- in a car.
-Janet knows how to eat a donut-- in a car.
-Joy is built like a supermodel
-Janet is built like... well, NOT a supermodel
-Joy tries to convince Janet that she too has problems (with her supermodel body) trying to find clothes that 'fit and look good'
-Janet says 'Yeah, right'
-Joy has a TON of fashion sense
-Janet has about 1/2 an ounce of fashion sense
-Joy is often Janet's stylist
-Janet says 'Thank gawd!' for that
-Joy is a 'Sex and the City'-ophile
-Janet-- notsomuch (She hasn't even seen the movie yet. I know.)
-Joy is pretty much like 'Carrie'
-Janet is pretty much like 'Charlotte'
-They have two other friends who are pretty much like Miranda and Samatha. Seriously. They really do. (Yes-- Samantha!)
-Joy adores Steven Tyler (as well as Mick Jagger though she likes Keith (eeew!) better) AND she does too have weird obsessions with Regis Philbin and Larry King
-Janet adores George Clooney more than Joy ever will (and he in his turn will adore her when they finally meet as fate has decreed)
-Joy loves Janet's homemade Ceasar Salad and Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Janet tries to feed her copious amounts of both as often as she can
-Joy however, remains irritatingly supermodel-ish
-Janet-- notsomuch


  1. Sounds like Joy has a thing for older men.

    Hmmm, rich men so old they are almost dead. Joy is a smart girl. But you can't have Sean Connery, so back off!

  2. Fascinating to learn so much about you guys! I think it's time you both met George and think you should both become UN ambassadors for his charity.
    I just found this: George is a UN Messenger of Peace and co-founder of Not On Our Watch.
    It's a start and you'll be only one degree of separation between you...then the real fun begins!

  3. Joy is anoyingly super are so right, Janet. It's just that she is so darn nice, and absolutely adorable.


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