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If These Walls Could Talk

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JOY: I will give you three guesses as to who this house belongs to...
JANET: The Queen.
JOY: No.
JANET: Joan Collins.
JOY: No.
JANET: Oh, I know! Donald Trump.
JOY: Negative my dear. Although it is a man.
JANET: Hmmm, pretty hoity-toity for a man. Okay, I give.
JOY: You are NEVER going to believe this.
JANET: Spill already!
JOY: Mickey Rourke.
JANET: Mickey Rourke?
JOY: Yup.
JANET: The Mickey Rourke - of 9 ½ Weeks fame?
JOY: Yup.
JANET: The "feed–me-food-blindfolded" Mickey Rourke?
JOY: Affirmative.
JANET: The Mickey Rourke whose face now looks COMPLETELY different – and kinda scary?
JOY: That would be him.
JANET: The Mickey Rourke whom I thought lived in a trailer?
JOY: Don’t know how many times I have to confirm this...
JANET: But this’s so-
JOY: Grandious?
JOY: Garish?
JANET: Quite.
JANET: Yes, and all of those words starting with the letter G – how talented of you.
JOY: Gracias.
JANET: So we are supposed to believe that this is where Mickey Rourke chills out?
JOY: Yup, right there on that couch that looks like it belongs on the set of Dynasty.
JANET: Yes, enjoying a Baccarat glass full of the best whiskey ‘residuals’ money can buy - listening to--
JOY: "You Can Leave Your Hat On"....


  1. I am so creeped out you have no idea.

  2. You know, somehow somewhere for some reason this does not surprise me. I bet he walks around in a red satin robe with a fake ermine collar cradling a dog in each arm thinking "Life is good."

  3. What the...? What do you have to do to be poor in Hollywood? How bad does your movies have to be before you have to live in a normal house like the rest of us?


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