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We Are {Almost} Speechless...

JANET: W.T.F is this?
JOY: Doesn't this photo look like it’s straight from 1978?
JANET: It’s not?
JOY: Not only is it not-- it's from this month's issue of Architectural Digest.
JANET: You’ve gotta be shittin’ me.
JOY: I shit you not.
JANET: This, we're supposed to believe is cutting-edge design?
JOY: Apparently AD thinks so.
JANET: I miss Domino.
JOY: Yeah. How does Conde Naste(y) get rid of Domino and then try to shove this crap down our throats?
JANET: It defies logic. It really does.
JOY: Seriously, AD wants former Domino subscribers to jump on board with this and stay loyal to Conde Naste?
JANET: I don't f*&%ing think so!
JOY: That quilted rose-covered couch is more than I can bear.
JANET: The matching curtains are more than I can bear.
JOY: What kind of a couch is that anyway?
JANET: It’s a party on each end with nothing in the middle.
JOY: And what’s with the Hello Kitty-esque tchochtke on the table? Seriously!
JANET: Odd choice for an accent piece...
JOY: I am truly at a loss for words here.
JANET: Really? It doesn’t seem like it.

JOY: Look-- the matching bed!
JANET: If I wasn't seeing it, I wouldn't believe it.
JOY: Oh, believe it. And look below...

JANET: Stop it already – I’m going to have to seek therapy as it is.
JOY: But, wouldn’t you love to have a dog vase adorning the top of your table?
JANET: Maybe he and the Hello Kitty can hook up.
JOY: I wonder if this is from the same house as the couch and bed?
JANET: It’s got to be – no two people could have such a similar amount of bad taste.
JOY: I just want to thank the good people at AD and Conde Naste for firing me up today. I needed that.
JANET: Yes, perhaps we should just look at it as more fodder for us.
JOY: Always looking on the bright side – that’s what I love about you.
Source: All Photos Architectural Digest


  1. LOL! What a spectacular collision of hideous art, draperies and upholstery.

  2. oh my!!! i am really starting to feel better about my house...thanks!!!

  3. ugh. I was really hoping EVERYTHING from the 80s wasn't coming back, but it looks like chintz is in. Ick.

    also....I will completely lose it if AD, Elle Decor, etc. start jamming wallpaper borders down my throat. That's the final straw.

  4. That made me laugh so hard that my dogs must have tought I was having a seizure.


  5. Nice dog on the table - who would do that.

  6. You know what this means, right girls?

    AD has officially jumped the shark.

    That sofa should be ILLEGAL. Except in very old ladies houses where it must have at least six cats sleeping on it at all times.

  7. Well, what can one say? Why is said ugly sofa half on a wall and half in front of a window? So it can fade unevenly and look twice as bad? And what's up with the blue Pacman lamp in the corner of the dining room? I think AD is very generous to give you ladies something to blog about and entertain us with!

  8. OH! I was so taken aback by all the rest of the hideousness that I failed to notice Grandma's pillows on the sofa! Wha....who....uh....there are no words.

  9. You are 100% correct. I miss domino too!

  10. Am I the only one that kinda likes the couch and roses? I really should get out more!

  11. I've heard that you can change your former Domino subscription from AD to Vogue. But then you won't have all this blog fodder... :-)

  12. ugh...looking at these rooms makes me tense.

  13. This is what I expect from Arch Digest, I'm surprised you're speechless.

  14. My daughter just looked at this and said, "Nice grandma room."
    Out of the mouths of babes.

  15. (sneaking into the conversation and scooting over to stand by melodyunchained)

    Umm...I kinda like the overall feel of the first room. I don't love every detail, but I like pink...and chintz...and the pointillistic/impressionistic artwork...and the roses on the table.

    I like girly and fresh and floral. And I admit to just remodeling my kitchen with brand spanking new solid oak cabinets with The Cursed Raised Panels and Arches. My window treatment is a Valance with Roses all over it. My decorating inspiration/guru is Alexandra Stoddard.

    (Sneaking back out whilst dodging the ceramic dogs being lobbed at me...)

  16. I was just telling someone the one color I never want to see again is that dusty rose used in all the floral chintzes from the 80's....maybe someone at AD was hitting the pipe to long.......

  17. Oh my goodness, I can't believe that's real. The curtains match the sofa...seriously?? I miss Domino too!!!

  18. GOOD. GOLLY. My version of a nightmare. Love you ladies, you crack me up!



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