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We Just Don't Get It...

Source: Domino

JANET: Prepare thyself. We may well be hated after we talk about this one...
JOY: Ooh. That sounds like fun!
JANET: Okay, so here we go... the entire bloggy universe seems to be abuzz about this blue and white bedroom in Mary McDonald’s guest house.
JOY: Who’s Mary McDonald?
JANET: Quite a brilliant designer, from what I've gathered.
JOY: Well... brilliant designer or no, it's gotta be said: this is a lot of blue. And that particular shade is ‘Royal’.
JANET: Yeah, take-your-eye-out ‘Royal’. My question is, why anyone would think using it at all-- let alone so much of it-- would be a good idea?
JOY: Listen, clearly this Mary McDonald is no idiot. This is her guest house. She knows no one in their right mind would stay more than two days.
JANET: Two days? More like two hours! This room would drive me insane! You do realize that everyone else seems to love it? Except us?
JOY: Seriously?
JANET: Seriously. Apparently, it’s genius. Inspired.
JOY: Seriously??
JANET: Seriously! And I truly think we may be the only ones who don’t get it-- it’s like we have front row seats at some Haute Couture fashion show, and the models are going down the runway in Marie Antionette hair-do’s and micro-miniskirts and fourteen inch heels and everybody else is raving about the genius of it all, and we’re like "Whaaaa????" I mean honestly, are we idiots or what?
JOY: That's a leading question. Uhm, are you by chance pms-ing?
JANET: Is it that obvious?
JOY: Yeah. But your hormones don't alter the fact that We. Just. Don’t. Get. This. Room.
JANET: Thank-you. And brilliant designer types can tell us all about form and symmetry and flow and proportion and whatever… but when it comes down to it, who really wants to spend time in a space like that looks like this?
JOY: Well, clearly Mary McDonald doesn’t, because it’s not in her own house, it’s in her guest house.
JANET: So here's the thing: I cannot help but think— and maybe I’m just being cynical because I am, in fact, as you so kindly pointed out, PMS-ing— that if this was a design done by some student on some ‘I Wanna Be the Next Big Designer’ show, it would be summarily ripped apart by the semi-celebrity judges for being too monochromatic.
JOY: So what you’re saying is what? Either we’re alone in the universe, or we represent the great unwashed masses who can't imagine doing this to a room because they don’t have the cash to change their d├ęcor every five minutes? Because let’s face it-- there is no way you would not get sick of this. Really fast.
JANET: Precisely. Wanna know what else I think?
JOY: Do I have a choice?
JANET: No. PMS-ing, remember??
JOY: Oh yeah. What?
JANET: I think design is like figure skating at the Olympics.
JOY: You mean like the Russian judge gives a 9.9 to the Russian skater even if she falls down?
JOY: So right now you think everyone else is being a Russian judge. I get it. But we have to let this one go now...
JANET: Wait! Just lemme say one more thing--
JOY: No. You're done. C'mon, let's go get some chocolate.
JANET: But it's so-- hey, did you just say CHOCOLATE?
Source: domino


  1. I'm with you - I don't get it! It's just ugly!

  2. I think that this room is brilliant, especially as a guest room. People come to visit and leave within 48 hours because they have a thumping migraine and must return home immediately.

    You get kudos for being willing to have them stay without the hassle of long term guests (or worse trying to get rid of a guest that just won't go).

  3. That matching art, plaster candelabra thingy flanking the mirror is seriously schizoid - part pornography, part representation of a hold-up.

  4. "Who’s Mary McDonald?" - LUVSIT!

    I thought that whole feature was gross. The pink and green living room nearly gave me a seizure.


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