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When is a Chandelier not a Chandelier?

JOY: Ahh the rich, they really know how to do it up big, don't they?
JANET: This is doing it up? This is big? I don't think so. It makes me want to break out in Christopher Cross's "Sailing...takes me awaaaaay to where I'm goin'...."

Source: Elle Decor

JOY: I ask you, why can't a chandelier just be a chandelier? Why do they have to screw with it like that?
JANET: Cuz they're rich. And they can.
JOY: You're absolutely right. When we get filthy rich (UNIVERSE, ARE YOU LISTENING?)  please shoot me if I bring something like this home...

Customized Chandeliers from Rock & Royal

JANET: Okay, I'll shoot you. With the chandelier gun. But please don't ask me to use that other thing as a weapon. I wouldn't know what to do with it.
JOY: Yeah, right.


  1. a PENIS chandelier? i have no words...yes, i do: YUK!!!

  2. Ok, who has that much spare time on their hands?

  3. Oh! My eyes! Going . . . blind . . . Don't look directly at it!

    BTW - Bernie Madoff comment - LOL!!!

  4. Quagmire would appreciate that penis chandelier.

  5. weird but true, I have seen this chandelier in "real life" {the ship} and it's actually quite breathtaking, and not at all tacky. really. I promise.

  6. I had to bust out laughing when I saw the penis chandelier. What the heck?! Too funny - in a crazy and twisted way. I shudder to think who would actually use or purchase such a thing.

  7. I actually like the sailboat chandelier. The penis one and the gun ones can go to Goodwill, though.


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