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All Zebra'd Out...

JANET: Oh, Zebra Rug-- you don't fool me.
JOY: Huh?

Source: domino

JANET: Ooh, sorry. I was talking to the rug.
JOY: What do you mean, it doesn't fool you?
JANET: I mean I think it's time the zebra hide was relegated to 'design trick' status...
JOY: Oh, like you mean the zebra rug has 'jumped the shark'?
JANET: Yeah-- it's over. It's done. It's over-done. Ha.
JOY: So... you're saying it's like people are relying too much on 'Hey, let's pop a zebra rug in there and the room will be instantly cool'?

Source: domino

JANET: I'm saying I've had enough of the zebra rug. Do you hear me Zebra Rug?? I've had enough of you!
JOY: I don't know. I've always liked it. I still kinda like it, in fact...
JANET: I just think when you overdo a trend to that extent you totally kill it-- no pun intended, Zebra Rug.

Source: domino

JOY: Well, there's always cowhide...

Source: domino

JANET: Oh yeah-- that's much better.


  1. hahahahahaha

    I actually feel that way about all animal prints. Let's relegate those to the past and move on with our lives, people!

  2. Agreed. Over. Done...and yet I still want one...

  3. Any animal hide on your floor is just gross!

  4. April 2008 Domino Magazine
    "the domino 10 — decorators on the verge"

    pg. 59 faux-zebra ottoman
    pg. 64 zebra rug
    pg. 68 zebra rug
    pg. 70 zebra upholstered chair
    pg. 70 zebra runner on staircase

    That's April of 2008. I think one year is enough.

  5. I've *never* liked the zebra rugs. They feel contrived - like you said "pop it in a room and you're instantly cool!" blargh.

  6. i love them, always will. but i love your first photo 'cuz the zebra rug seriously used as a prop to give teh room instant "modern & hip" cred (which it wouldn't posses otherwise). like all design trends, it can be used and abused...

  7. With 5 cats I've got more than enough "live skins" laying around.

  8. Well, you two know how I feel about zebra rugs.

  9. With respect, the zebra hide rug has been used for decades. It is classic and was just used more prominently in the last year or so. As for those who are against the use of skins... well I hope u also don't wear leather shoes, belts etc.
    The zebra skin rug is forever classic chic.

  10. Anonymous-yes, yes, yes. I love Domino magazine, love all four of these rooms, love animal prints, love zebra rugs, and since it's chilly today, I'm going to grab my mink coat and go get a couple of steaks for dinner.

  11. They look like chalk outlines at a crime scene.

  12. This is hilarious! I just started reading your blog and I've started going straight to it in my feeds because it always makes me laugh, and I enjoy making fun of people and bad ideas, so this is my daily dose :)

  13. What bugs me is the lack of bathroom wall in the last picture. Bathroom, living room, bedroom all in one?


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