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Barbie Overkill

Source: pointclickhome

JOY: Okay. So before we get started on this one, let's just say right here and right now that yeah-- we know. This is the 50th-Anniversary-Barbie-Real-Life-Malibu-Dream-House-Tribute-thing.
JANET: Whatever.
JOY: Let's just cut to the chase.
JANET: That Hair Chandelier.
JOY: Yeah. I wonder what synthetic hair singed by light bulbs smells like?
JANET: My guess? Gross. How does one clean a chandelier like that, anyway?
JOY: Uh, wash set & blow?
JANET: This is not really my idea of 'Barbie's Dream Light Fixture'.
JOY: More like Barbie's 'Fire Hazard Light Fixture'.
JANET: Yeah. I mean, we get it already with all the Barbie tchotchkes. The hair chandelier is really just--
JOY: Idiotic?
JANET: I was going to say overkill, but hey, that'll do.


  1. Ack! Zomigoodness!!! That is terrifying like nothing I've ever seen! Without the platinum scalp(s) I could almost stomach this room....but now I am going to have nightmares.



  2. yes. That chandelier is just creepy.

  3. That light fixture makes me gag!

  4. That hair is completely disgusting.

  5. Hi! My first visit to your blog and definitely not my last. Found you via the post by Paul Anater

    I love humor and I can see I will find some here!

  6. Where cougar barbie takes her prey.

  7. The word REVOLTING does not begin to cover my feelings about that chandel-HAIR. Ewww.

  8. WOW!!! what sicko dreamed that up???

  9. The sicko's name would be Jonathan Adler. You can read more about it here...

  10. i'm givin' this one a pass- it's not interior design, it's a PR event, so covering a chandelier in hair to get press is fair game. and it worked, right? ;-)

  11. This just frightens me. I feel like my life would be better without knowing this existed.

  12. Oh, hahahaha, there is the great quote from Adler in the Huffington Post link above:

    "Barbie was a dream client because she doesn't exist as a person," Adler said.

    Yes, because a real person would have stuffed you into a Barbie dream car and driven you off a cliff for doing this to their home.

  13. Oh man! I thought for certain that we'd finally find out what Barbie did with Ken's missing anatomy; a couple decorative "balls" in a nice bowl on the coffee table, a unique "obelisk" on the desk?


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