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Dirty Minds vs. Clean Hands


We are wondering:

Did a man design this bathroom?
Did a woman design it to make sure all the men wash their hands before they leave?


  1. Excellent question! LOL Horrible!

  2. My husband would never leave!

  3. My 'pearl of wisdom' is sure to get me banned... so I'll just Whoaa! Just love your site ... found you over at Katiedid and added you to my favorite blogroll too.

    PS .. that is a sicko shower stall...has Dahmer written all over it!


  4. Well if I had to lean that far over to wash my hands I would be washing my dog ear boobs as well. ha,ha,
    now for the dirty minds,,,,,if this was in a man's bathroom they should also have a little sprayer/bidet in the butt area and that way the guys could get their bratwurst rinsed and wash their hands.....but I guess that would be too much multi-tasking for a man..

  5. I'm just wondering how many are 'outed' by the last sink... or if it is always avoided at all costs.

  6. I was going to say the last one looks a bit skittish...but thanks to the comment above, I realize now that it's not female.

    What would be better is to see the idiots that come in and feel the need to make the obligatory drunken frat-boy comedic "pumpy dance" in front of the sinks to have a laugh with the boys...then the last-guy-in getting stares from his buddies before he realizes the sink's gender.

    btw, I've seen these elsewhere and there were other gross sinks and urinals too...and yes, worse than this.

    Last long after they installed these would we actually see "holes" drilled into them?

    Okay here's the last: I'd go and put mini guillotines in there ;-)

  7. I wonder how many realize that the middle one is a man in drag?

  8. They all look like men's legs to me...


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