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JOY: This is a Chef's kitchen.
JANET: No it's not.
JOY: Yes it is.
JANET: No. It can't be-- if it was a Chef's kitchen it would look cooked in. Used.
JOY: I'm telling you-- it's Giada DeLaurentiis' kitchen.
JANET: Well then, where's the obligatory pot of sp'ghet-ti?
JOY: It's an A.D. shoot - they like everything sterile. You know, I do love me some Giada, but I gotta ask-- what about those boobs of hers?
JANET: What about 'em?
JOY: Well, why do they always have to be on display?
JANET: What the hell else do you want her to do with them?
JOY: Uh, cover them up already?
JANET: Aren't we supposed to be talking about her kitchen and not her boobs?
JOY: Seriously-- they're always just so front-and center.
JANET: Isn't that where they're supposed to be?
JOY: You know what I mean.
JANET: I think your boob envy is rearing it's ugly head again...
JOY: Yeah, whatever...


  1. I just want to know how you clean the middle of that island? Seriously ... how would you reach that?

  2. i think Giada seems like such a sweet girl...and that boobie spillage has always bothered me...

  3. And there is NO WAY she eats the food she cooks unless ALL of the fat goes straight to those boobies...which is possible since they're HUGE!

  4. Do you know there's actually a website called ?

  5. That cleavage website is crazy! Those pictures, gosh!

  6. not only would i cook up a fucking storm in that kitchen and then take great delight in cleaning it back to its gleaming state i would also grab those boobies and squeeze the hell out of them.

  7. I had to ban Giada from our TV because Mr. Hubbo was not watching for cooking tips.

  8. Sheesh. Bad enough to get this crap from the men but from the women too?!

  9. Oh, mercy! This post (and the following comments)... Who hasn't thought this before??? Hilarious.


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