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Heavy Duty Decor

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Are you sure you wanted to display this front and center in your home?


  1. ok, i'd KILL for that louise nevelson sculpture, even if my kid did make it in shop class. and i'd reinforce the floors to display it's heavy duty-ness.

    "pew, pew, pew" (ok, i know that was from your last blog post, but i'm i'm afraid i'll be "pew, pew, pew-ing" bad guys all day today. ;-)

  2. It's like a carnival ride....that you shouldn't pay for....and you might be killed during....perhaps a waiver should be in order. Yes, I think one should sign a waiver before viewing this. The other cool thing is the split hallways. Do you choose door number one where you will become and old spinster in the window mourning your lost love, or door number 2 with shiny happy people. Wonderful ladies.

  3. Just found your blog... you ARE the voices inside my head! Too funny...

  4. Dear Louise has never been my cup of tea.

  5. Oh, I really dig Louise Nevelson, too! I would also love to have this one.

  6. How do you dust it? Can it be dragged into the yard and hosed off?

  7. yes, you've made me laugh in the newer posts but this.....i've been dreaming about these sculptures since art school. id trade one of my kids for it. nevelson is brilliant.

  8. It really is a Louise Nevelson piece but it really should be in a gallery or art institution. Far too big for a residence but I guess the owner wants to flaunt their money.

  9. OMG - LOVE Louise Nevelson.

    And to Anonymous - I forget exactly whose home this is - but they are affiliated with the Metropolitan - they have a S E R I O U S collection!!


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