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If These Walls Could Talk...

Source - livingetc

JANET: This looks like an entryway…
JOY: 'Tis. I'm lovin' those Tiffany-blue squishy looking footstool thingies.
JANET: Is that a technical term? They are way cool, though. But then, I love anything that's Tiffany-blue.
JOY: Me too. But the shattered glass effect freaks me out—it's like your mirror is making astatement—
JANET: Yeah - "You’re Ugly."


  1. what about the queen with the safety pin through her lip...that is freaking ME out!!!

  2. Reminds me of a bad room of mirrors on acid! Love the Queenie though!

  3. An FYI = the Queen-with-the-saftey-pin-in-her-lip poster was used on an album cover of a British punk band - "The Sex Pistols"... it refers to a song that goes something like this... "God save the Queen... she ain't no human being!" Not a sentiment I hold personally, by the way!! But if you think about it, works perfectly with the shattered glass look.

    Special thanks goes out to my brother for beating me over the head with his punk music when I would rather have been listening to... well... just about anything else! (referring to sibling issues dating back to over 20 years ago) ;-)

    I'm enjoying your blog!!

    Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

  4. Such a fun blog idea! Like your space here.

    I can't look away from that HRH picture; that is the worst part to me. Poor Queen, Sex Pistols or no.

  5. If Audrey Hepburn married Johnny Rotten, their children would live here.


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