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If These Walls Could Talk

Source: livingetc.

JOY: Where do I begin?
JANET: Where do you begin?
JOY: Let’s start with the ‘Dirty Dancing’ dress on the wall that looks like to needs to be dry-cleaned.
JANET: Did you notice how that hanger has been deliberately painted to match that horrid color?
JOY: Nice touch.
JANET: Should I ask the obvious question?
JOY: You might as well.
JANET: Okay— why is that dress even hanging on the wall? There I did it.
JOY: This is the new trend called 'decorating with clothing'— because you can't just like a dress enough to wear it anymore, you have to display it for all the world to see.
JANET: Yeah. Either that or these people ran out of closet space...
JOY: Okay, I gotta talk about that couch. What is with that couch? I didn't know vinyl could sag like that!
JANET: I'm just dumbfounded. That couch is in horrific shape. And yet it's being featured. WTF?
JOY: And how 'bout that cushion? It looks like it's seen more action than a rooster in a henhouse.
JANET: Lucky people. But clearly, time for a new couch.
JOY: Yeah, but a new couch would render the fabulousness of this design scheme useless. I mean, where are they ever going to another couch to match that dress? And those shoes?
JANET: This is a classic case of 'STD'.


  1. Fifi was a hard working girl who had few needs: somewhere to hang her one evening gown during the day and a couch to sleep on - preferably within arms' reach of each other. Her only stipulation? That the sofa co-ordinate with her shoes...

  2. It's just beyond my understanding.

  3. oh, that's just bad...really really bad...

  4. It looks like the set of a porn movie!
    And that dress looks like a giant yellow mustache, don't get me started about those UGLY art&crafts pillows and those FUGLY shoes.

  5. That couch should be tried and convicted of some serious decor fug.


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