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If These Walls Could Talk

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JANET: Please tell me this is not where you’ve booked us in for our girl’s weekend getaway?
JOY: Oh, you don’t like?
JANET: I had more of a spa theme in mind— not an outpost for the freakin’ Pony Express.
JOY: Never fear, this is not our hotel room. Would I do that to you? It’s Ralph Lauren’s cabin.
JANET: So it’s his weekend getaway? Thank GAWD!
JOY: Yeah. It’s way too much wood and rock for chicks like us.
JANET: Or anyone else. Seriously.
JOY: With all that flammable material around and that oversized fireplace, he’s just askin’ for trouble.
JANET: I think it’s just really messy and not pleasing to the eye... I know he’s a rustic kinda dude, but isn’t this taking it a bit far?
JOY: He’s Ralph Lauren. He can do whatever the hell he wants.
JANET: I suppose. I think the message he’s trying to convey here is that he’s a Manly Man. A Man’s Man. An OutdoorsMan.
JOY: Yeah, and whole troupe of hunters with shotguns are going to come in that door any second now.
JANET: Yes, and they’ll eat their kill raw by the fire and communicate with grunts.
JOY: Great. I’ll go book that spa now.
JANET: Good idea.


  1. is there such a thing as upmarket unibomber chic? 'cause i'd feel like killing others after spending a weekend there...


  2. No way Ralph Lauren!?
    I thought it was the set of a horror movie...

  3. THIS is where PETA holds it's annual team leaders corporate retreat.

  4. Wow. ummmmm wow. I don't know what else to comment other not a good wow.


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