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If These Walls Could Talk

Source: livingetc.

JOY: This room had potential.
JOY: This room coulda been somethin'.
JANET: Totally.
JOY: Coulda been a contender.
JANET: Indeed. But then they had to ruin it with that couch, didn't they, Stella?
JOY: Actually, the real shame here is the Chain. Link. Fence.


  1. gosh, you gals are harsh! (but in a good way!) i kinda like this room, sofa and all. wait. i just took another look. ok, so maybe not the sofa!

  2. Oh dear...what a way to ruin a view!!!

  3. O M G ! Are those ZARIN Fabrics???

    Who the fock would let Brad reupholster this sofa?

  4. Sorry girls.. I actually like the sofa... and the fabric.. It's not one I would own, but for the right person, I think it's cute.. the chain link fence however, BAD...

  5. I'm having flashbacks to that ugly couch they had on "Mad About You" with all the different fabrics kind of quilted together. Never been a fan of that look.

    P.S. Hey, girls, I got my Domino book in the mail and I love it! Thanks so much! Then tonight I saw that you won a copy of your own on Surroundings. Must be good karma. Congrats! :-)

  6. word. that fabric sucks. but really its just a case of pieces that would most likely work elsewhere just not all together in that room- and really what IS up with the chainlink fence??

  7. btw. your blog is good. i will add to my blogroll...
    found you via desire to inspire.

  8. I'm sorry too... Can I love more this coach? I think it's perfect! (but only if it's real pacthwork). Sorry, sorry, sorry...;). By the way, I also found you via Desire to Inspire.

  9. I'm an upholsterer and I've recently wondered why people like that patchwork look. Also, I have a full hide like the one in your previous post. Don't know what to do with it.

  10. Hate the couch, and the fence, and the coffee table, and the pretty much everything.


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