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If These Walls Could Talk

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SCENE 1: Joy and Janet enter Living Room…

JANET: Well, whose place is this?
JOY: I’ll give you a hint. We’re in a space that is owned by a famous New York icon.
JANET: Really? If I didn’t know we were on the Upper East side, I’d say it’s my grandparents living room.
JOY: Yeah, I know. It looks like everybody’s grandparent’s living room. But it’s not. Guess again.
JANET: Ooh— I got it. It’s the New York headquarters of the Daughters of the American Revolution!
JOY: Nope.
JANET: It’s not? (gives shocked look) Hm, I gotta sit down while I think about this…
JOY: But where should we sit? There are so many choices!
JANET: How about those love seats? They remind me of Country Living, circa 1981…
JOY: I think I prefer the rocking chair with the prehistoric lumbar support system.
JANET: Okay, I’ll take the big green scary chair.
(Girls take seats, look around.)
JANET: This is actually a really nice space. Why would somebody do this to it?
JOY: Wait ‘til you find out who it belongs to.
JANET: Well, whoever it is, it’s somebody who enjoys Mickey, Minnie, and the ‘Co. of Women’… spill already!
JOY: Okay— it’s Woody Allen’s living room.
JANET: Eeeeeew… that makes all the signage suddenly kinda creepy.

(Girls look at each other in silent communication and scurry hurriedly from room.)

The End


  1. Oy veh is mir! If it isn't the definition of alter kocker dernier cri!

  2. The sign should read "Enjoys company of adopted underage women."


  3. Oh ick! ptew ptew!!! (not the same as maison21's pistol all!)


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