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If These Walls Could Talk

Source: Domino

JOY: Eew-- this must be from the ‘Country Living Goth’ edition...
JANET: Yeah. I think I might have missed that one.
JOY: The quilt at the end of the bed is totally circa 1983.
JANET: Who cares about the quilt? I can’t deal with that wallpaper!
JOY: Why? What could possibly be more relaxing than black toile wallpaper in a bedroom?
JANET: Oh, I dunno… how’s about a bright red lamp with a hideous purple shade?
JOY: I hate purple. And I hate purple and red together even more.
JANET: It’s all a bit creepy… it actually reminds me of those ‘Flowers in the Attic’ books.
JOY: Oh my gawd… yes! That was some weird shit, man.
JANET: I bet if you opened that door a bit wider, you’d find a homicidal Grandmother…
JOY: Standing there with a pot of warm tar in one hand…
JANET: And a tray of arsenic-laced doughnuts in the other.


  1. LOL! You guys are sick and I LOVE you!!

  2. Country Living goth edition... Ha!

  3. J & J: you two are hilarious!
    I like the toile, (I'm weird), but the rest of the package, not so much. It's like the person was trying to be a bit naughty & cheezed it up a bit with granny!

  4. No, no, no....the REAL tragedy are the bright blond floors? What is that, laminate? Are you friggin' kidding me? If you're going to go with this "look" then go there already and get some old beat up looking wide plank wood floorboards with some patina to them. Yeesh!


  5. and the door... a bit dungeoun-esque?

  6. the quilt? A real antique(hand quilted) I love the Toile, but they should have gone with white furniture and that lamp? eek. eek again.floor? looks like cheap flooring. rug? nightmare. okay, fess up...was this a "what NOT to do" picture??

  7. Hilarious! I love your blog! Although I do like purple and red together ... in small doses. But that wall paper - gross.

  8. I almost choked on my lunch, I was laughing so hard! I hate purple and red together, too!

  9. i love this- everybody likes sumpthin different! i LOVE the wallpaper, and especially the painted door, i even like the purple shade! so for me the tragedy in the "country livin' goth edition" is the granny quilt- gimme more goth and less country! something darker and moodier on the bed would have made it all good for me.

    on the whole 7/10.

    btw, i'm hearing the cure, as sung by george jones as the soundtrack.

  10. Brilliant! What a great blog!! Laughing at your posts is making me feel so much better about my half-decorated abode ;)


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