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If These Walls Could Talk

JANET: So whaddaya think of this??
JOY: Shhh-- you're supposed to be quiet in church!
JANET: Relax. It’s not a church.
JOY: Seriously? 'Cuz it looks like a church.
JANET: Nope. It's the entry way to Cher’s 'Italian Renaissance-style' home.
JOY: Well, it's kinda Cher-ish.
JANET: Just wait 'til you see the dining room...

JOY: Are you freakin' kidding me with this?
JANET: I know. It begs the question— where are all the monks?
JOY: I'm starting to think that Cher is one smart chick…
JANET: Was there ever any doubt?
JOY: She's starting her own monastery.
JANET: Yeah— surrounding herself with hot young guys 'til she’s, like, in her late 90's.
JOY: Did you happen to notice the infinity pool out by the loggia?

{All photos: Architectural Digest}

JANET: Absolute brilliance.


  1. Wow, it kind of reminds me of the Hearst castle. Don't like the dining room, love the pool. But, if she invited me over to dinner, I would be happy to attend...with our without the monks!

  2. I can so picture her in this home.

    Besides, I worship at the alter of Cher so anything she does is perfect in my book.

  3. I like the loggia. I also like the furniture on the loggia. The view from the loggia in nice. Have I mentioned the loggia? . . .

  4. What girl hasn't dreamed of living in a castle? ME! ME! ME!

    By the way, did I mention I have the Bench shown in Cher's entry? Check out Toscan on line at:

    And you too can live like Cher!


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