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It's All About Timing

Husband: Wanna see what else I did this weekend?
Wife: I don't know. Do I?
Husband: It's in the kitchen. Remember those hats we brought home from the Carribean? The ones we didn't know what to do with? The ones you wanted to throw on the fire?
Wife: Oh gawd... what did you do?
Husband: I recycled them-- look:

Source: livingetc.

Wife: I shoulda burned those suckers when I had the chance...


  1. I'm speechless... and maybe a little frightened...

  2. Tip to designers: never hang anything from the ceiling that looks as it might impale you or envelop you.

  3. They look so out of place!

    *Hello moggit girls! Got here from the twitterverse...*waves

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hello moggit girls!
    I just learned about you from Holly Becker. I can not believe that I did not come across you earlier. Oh boy did I miss out. You ladies are FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC! I will be here frequently to get a break from my near and dear but sometimes to serious design world! xo Anita, Austria

  6. oh boy...i love a good basket but they just killed it..and hung it upside down apparently.


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