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If These Walls Could Talk

Via: apt therapy

JOY: Yeah— scary, isn’t it?
JANET: Was that shower-room a meat-locker in a former life?
JOY: Man, it just gives me chills... that’s a whole ‘48 Hours’ mystery right there.
JANET: Like, as in ‘What happened to the victim, officer? Oh— she got stuck in her meat-locker shower and died and horrible death.’
JOY: By the way, on that show, it’s always the wife or the husband who did it.
JANET: I can’t believe you watch that every week.
JOY: Can’t help it. Hopelessly addicted.
JANET: What’s with the torture-esque picture leaning by the cell— I mean shower—door?
JOY: I guess that’s one stylist’s attempt to pick up that hideous orange tile. Like seriously? Was there a sale on orange tile? I mean, at least if the was white tile, it would have more of a…
JANET: ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ vibe? As opposed to a ‘Panic Room’ room vibe?
JOY: Yeah— I’d panic if I had to go in there, too.
JANET: Y’know, I think I’d rather reek than go in there.
JOY: So… you think there’s a light in there?
JANET: I’m not stepping in to find out.
JOY: Me neither.


  1. Meat locker is putting that kindly, really, it looks like death, down to the color.

  2. I'm speechless - what is with the huge door? Where do they keep the body bags?

  3. why is that door so thick as to be bullet/explosive proof? that's the REAL terror here- in that shower, no one will hear you scream...

  4. Best idea EVER! Who needs a closet -- make it into a shower... freaks me out.

  5. is it just me or does the door look about twice as big as the doorframe it's supposed to fit in?

  6. I also noticed the door... what is that all about?

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