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Tower of Books

Source: Californication set/Point Click Home

Put this in a house with kids and that sucker would be properly Jenga'd in no time.


  1. Books are to be read. This kind of thing gets on my nerves. It shouts "I'm too stupid to read!"

  2. Oh I get it, we're meant to applaud their use of reclaimed items in order to make a "green" support column for their "library"? FAIL.

  3. Yes, horrible.. I shall call it "desperate art" yuck.

  4. Exactly-I'm too stupid to read them, so I'll use them for decoration.

  5. Is it a column or a smoke stack for the burned up money spent on unused books?

  6. someone must have had a lot of books and didn't know where to put them!

  7. um, it's from set named "californication"? they must be crazy to put that sh*t up in earthquake country.

    btw, jenga'd is one of my favorite words to use. i have many closets and cupboards that have been jenga'd to within an inch of their lives- pull out one item, and the whole thing collapses...

  8. What a nightmare to dust ....but I love this!I know I'm on my own here.

  9. I love it too - seems like it would go well in an unused corner of my home - I have so many books and I get tired of using typical bookshelves. I can't seem to throw any of them away - so I have to store them somehow.

    When I first saw this, I thought it was a functioning bookcase - I have a pic of it in Elle and from the angle it's shot at, you can see it's an actual book tower underneath all the books... I wonder if it spins around? LOL.


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