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JOY: You know what strikes me as funny about this room?
JANET: Uh, everything?
JOY: People are actually raving about this whole 'look.'
JANET: Ugh. Really?
JOY: They love it. But here's the thing, say I decorated my living room to look like this...
JANET: Ohmygawd-- I would think you had lost your freakin' mind.
JOY: Yes! And I wouldn't be able to walk the streets without people pointing and yelling--
JANET: "Hey, there goes 'Crazy Lady' with her Big Ball of Yarn!"


  1. There is so much going on in this room that I didn't even notice the giant ball of yarn until you mentioned it!

    I'm sorry, but this is just Crazy (with a capital C). Even the neatly folded throw (which looks like a towel to me) in the center of the sofa looks wrong.

  2. Wrong on EVERY level.

    Maybe the sofa would be o.k. in another room entirely. Not a room in this house mind you but in mine I think I could work with it.

    This painting looks like one of those insane fantasy paintings by Rowena Morrill that were all over Saddam Hussein's Palaces.

  3. You know the room is designed on a different scale when an anglepoise lamp is the piece that's out of place

  4. Ball of yarn? Is no one looking at the painting? Good Lordy!

  5. I really like the blanket on the couch. If you crop out the rest of the picture it isn't half bad.

  6. Does anyone else see that someone jumped behind the couch to look for a smaller ball of yarn. Oh, no, wait that's just an extra foot in the painting.

  7. Sconces that aren't hard-wired make me crazypants. Oh, and giant decorative balls of yarn.

  8. that roman bust in the right corner kills me

  9. I just don't understand this room at all. Yes, I agree, the blanket looks like a beach towel, the painting is nightmare-inducing, and the giant ball of yarn is...uh...just bizarre. But what about the other things....the Wal-Mart reading lamp by the couch, the weird little mod table with giant chess pieces (?), the weird animal skin rug over berber (?), not to mention the weird green-skinned bust in the left of the picture that is totally freaking me out! Over all, I just get the heebie-jeebies looking at this!


  10. That painting is so faux-classical awful. Yuck.

  11. Who can notice the yarn for the gratuitous leonine violence going on there in the background? Meow!

  12. "Come in, sit down and just relax...don't mind my psycho painting, yarn ball and all the other terrifying things, just relax.


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