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How Trends Are Created...

Source: pointclickhome/maison+objets

Designer #1: Well. Here's a photo of a lovely 18th century lady. What d'ya wanna do with it?
Designer #2: I don't know... maybe put in on a pillow and start a new trend called 'French Romantics'?
Designer #1: Kewl. But we gotta angst it up a little. What if we photoshop a safety pin through her lip?
Designer #2: Nah. That's been done. We gotta do somethin' different.
Designer #1: Ooh, how about we stick a fork in her hair?
Designer #2: Brilliant. Welcome to the world, trend.


  1. we've been doing that whole utensil in the hair thing for months, here in los angeles. it's so tired already.

  2. stick a fork in me 'cos I'm done

  3. That is one forked up throw pillow..


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