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'Negotiate These Dangerous Stairs'

Source: apartmenttherapy

JANET: Again with the dangerous stairs... what is up, people?
JOY: Yeah-- is there, like, a 'Dangerous Stairs' contest that we don't know about?
JANET: Ooh. That actually sounds enormously entertaining. That could be a new TV show.
JOY:You're sick.
JANET: Seriously-- 'Negotiate These Dangerous Stairs!' And for the season finale, everybody has to wear five-inch heels.
JOY: Please tell me you mean minus all the ugly injuries that would undoubtedly be incurred?
JANET: But that would lessen the entertainment value...
JOY: You. Are. Ill!
JANET: I'm telling you-- it's a huge hit just waiting to happen.
JOY: Yeah, right. Move over 'American Idol'...


  1. And for extra points, we remove the bannister!
    On with the show!

  2. I agree with Paris Apartment.... you two should have your own show. It would be hilarious. And a huge hit.

  3. There is nothing better than watching people fall. Moi would watch the show!

  4. Maybe they don't want their grandchildren to visit.

  5. No way in hell does that meet building codes....

  6. Sobriety test...if you can't make it up the stairs, you're sleeping on the couch!


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