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Oversized Art and New Math

Source: domino

JOY: Sigh... you know how you feel about zebra rugs?
JANET: Ugh. Yes? And?
JOY: Well, this is my equivalent.
JANET: What is?
JOY: This oversized, big-nosed artwork. Double ugh.
JANET: Agreed. Double ugh, indeed. But without it, this room would be nothing.
JOY: So true. Much as it irritates me, I have to admit it is adding serious punch to this otherwise dull room.
JANET: Yup. Just like a zebra rug can. But I still hate them.
JOY: So let's see... this room + this artwork = Domino Mag shot.
JANET: Yup. And this room - this artwork = Country Living...


  1. No, Country Living would have white plates hanging on the walls. :) I do love me some Country Living, so I say that with love.

  2. You girls make me laugh, but you really do know what you are talking about with design...thanks

  3. As Joan Crawford is with wire hangers, I am with visible (lamp) cords.


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