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Poor Puppy!

Source: living etc.

JOY: I find purple a depressing color. And I think that poor dog feels the same way.
JANET: And how can you tell that?
JOY: He's not even tempted by that half-eaten pastry...


  1. I dunno, I think he's got one keen eye on it!

    Purple though - also not a fan. Luuurve the blog gals, keep up the hot scarcasm. xx

  2. Ha, ha! Not a huge fan either but warming up to the deep, deep aubergine. He must be thinking about his next walk?!

  3. The stylists at LivingEtc. must be stopped. They make me crazypants.

    I bet they fidgeted with the placement of that dog until he bit one of them and then they gave poor Rover a sedative.

  4. no decor is depressing with a doggie in it. and poor puple, gets such a bad rap- i say there are no bad colors, just bad decorators when colors are abused with bad choices...

  5. Are you saying that Wilbur wouldn't be able to resist that pastry? LOL!

    Purple isn't bad but make it part satin and part whatever then pair it with black, green, blue and pink and it looks horrid. Add a felt rug and that questionable art? work and it's no wonder the poor pup is depressed.


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