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Putting It Nicely

Source: furniturefashion

JANET: Look a this!
JOY: Wow-- that's... er-- really, uhm, something...
JANET: It sure is. Sent in by a faithful reader...
JOY: We love us our faithful readers!
JANET: Indeed we do. So whaddya want to say about it?
JOY: Hm. How 'bout 'It's a couch for people with MPD'?
JOY: Multiple Personality Disorder.
JANET: Done and done...


  1. Reminds me of a chair in my husbands college dorm room. It orginally started as blue, we called it a flip n ...well..... and eventually I believe it had enough vomit on it to rival these ones without a problem. Oh, and it was from the 70's....his parents rockin disco crazy digs.

  2. I have NEVER understood that couch. It comes in so many different colours, textures and costs soooo much money and it just makes NO SENSE to me at all. Can you imagine getting up GRACEFULLY from it in your cocktail dress and heels? Quel cauchemar!

  3. i just saw this in black in a friends apartment- looked rather chic, but my first thought was "i am just too old to sit on the floor".

    maison21, too lazy to sign in.

  4. It looks like they threw-up their Skittles.


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