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Solved - The Case of the Stylist Trying too Hard

Source: livingetc.

It's elementary-- for two reasons:

a) there is no way anyone, even an imaginary homeowner would ever wear that color of pantyhose or that color of flipflops and
b) there is no way an imaginary homeowner would wear pantyhose with flipflops...


  1. Agreed...can't imagine ever wanting a pallid citron green leg....But I DO love this bathroom!

  2. My daughter has flip flops that color. Then again, she's 12. And would never place them so neatly next to the shower!!

  3. Yeesh. I was hoping it was a scarf. Because actually, if it is a scarf, I want it. And I love this bathroom too. But the stylist needs a swift kick.

  4. Ugh! Photo overstyling is one of my pet peeves and LivingEtc is one of the worst offenders.

    Let's hope that the recession causes cutbacks in the photo styling budget over there.

  5. Chartruse robe and slippers would have had the same visual impact and would have been more in keeping with "Hey here is a very white bathroom."

  6. nude pantyhose would be the best

  7. The thing that bothers me that a PATIO DOOR facing the shower?!


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