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Time Out!


JOY: Y'know, in kindergarten we had 'thinking chairs' for when we needed to think about our behaviour.
JANET: Yeah. And now that we're all grown up we have 'thinking chairs' for when we need to think about our purses...

JOY: Ain't life grand?


  1. I will be coming here every day for my morning laughter, I love your blogg. You should have your own show.

  2. I would never put my handbags in time out no matter how bad they were.

  3. Why three chairs? What's the long empty cubby in the middle for... I'm afraid....

  4. This belongs to Becky at Hatch, she's going to laugh!!!

  5. Ha! I am honored to be mogged! I have a chair fetish and the only place to shove the extras was in the purse room. Not sure what the intent of the long cubby was for, but it bugs me too!

    After a long day of purse shopping, I force myself into one of the chairs for a TIME OUT and reflect on my bad spending behavior!

  6. P.S. THere is a time-out loveseat there, now that I think about it. Sad yellow is in the attic, and the other two are spread around elsewhere :)

  7. My heart be still - cubbies for purses. This makes me happy. The chairs - not so much but cubbies. The only way it could be better is if there were little slide out trays in each cubbie for the purses. I wonder if there are matching cubbies for shoes??


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