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To Like or Not to like...?

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JOY: Whazzup?
JANET: Mm. Dunno. Whaddya think about this room?
JOY: I think it's fine. Modern. Cool. I like it. You?
JANET: Meh. I guess. But something about it just bugs me...
JOY: I know what it is-- those barstools. With the holes in them. They look like a dry spaghetti measure-er.
JANET: Yes! like, 'How many people are you having over? Put your spaghetti through the corresponding hole!' But also that light fixture over the table is a little irritating.
JOY: Well, now that we're being picky, those horizontal stripes are starting to get on my nerves.
JANET: And what about those pictures? Does it bother you that they're not quite the same size and shape?
JOY: Totally.
JANET: Still like the room?
JOY: Not really.
JANET: Ha. I knew I could take you to the dark side...


  1. It's too bad the lighting fixture doesn't add anything to the room. I agree, lose the art.

  2. I actually like to "look" at spaces like this in mags and online... but it's really way too austere for a real house in my opinion. Everything about it is nice, but in a very retail or clinical way. And... yes... you could measure your pasta with those stools. ;)


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