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Which is Which?

Source: trendir

As embarassing as it was, Miles had to admit that on a couple of occasions, he'd accidently pee'd in the sink and washed his hands in the toilet...


  1. what man wouldn't pee in a sink hung the same height as a toilet? sure looks like a urinal to me... not like you could wash your hands in it comfortably, or anything. retartet.

  2. It also looks like a bin with the lid on. MOAR confusion.

  3. The ONLY way you could ever use this is if no man lived there and if you never drank...EVER! Bad mental images...ech!

  4. Methinks it is a bidet, not a sink.

  5. I thought it was a toilet. Another reason you would never invite me to your house.

    My first thought was that if I sat on it it would fall off the wall. How embarrassing would that be?

  6. Christ - WTF is that +/- switch on the wall?

    It masquerades as a light switch... but I reckon if you press the wrong bit you actually get sucked down the toilet.

  7. Ok, so is there a step ladder for short people or do we just have to hold it?


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