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How Many is Too Many?


JOY: You know what this person needed?
JANET: Several ideas come to mind actually, but do tell me what you think...
JOY: They needed a 'voice-of-reason' person to tell them to stop hanging antlers on your wall already! There are EIGHT of them above the couch alone. And then another FIVE just hangin' around.
JANET: Wait-- I think these folks were actually quite brilliant. They waited until these poor creatures' heads became bleached-out skulls. Think of the money they saved on the taxidermy!
JOY: Okay-- seriously. Did you not hear me? There are THIRTEEN of them!
JANET: And how many would have been 'too many', in your humble opinion?
JOY: One.
JANET: How did I know you were going to say that?


  1. Perhaps if they were a bit more creative & decorative you would like them better.These antiques have been dressed up with pearls and turquoise:

  2. This must be contagious - and

    Love your website, BTW! I just discovered it, and will be back often.

  3. It seems the deer head accesory has taken place of last years' red coral. Any guesses what it will be next year? I like the idea of mounting old shoes on the wall - just slam the heel into the wall and VOILA! Art.

  4. Jeffrey Bilhuber. We should all be as talented.

  5. The thing that disturbs me is that they look like the heads of giant white beetles, the kind with long, grasping jaws, emerging through the wall.

    Alessandra Kelley


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