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Oh No You Didn't!

Via: eye spy


  1. * Looks like a drunken cowboy left his LARIAT behind when HE left the party (& someone picked up the infamous "super glue")!

  2. (P.S. AMAZING how one's choice of artwork can "make or break" a lovely space, isn't it?)~

  3. I think this started out as a fight between husband and wife about what the TV would look like over the fireplace and how you would hide the cord. One of them got carried away. And then, apparently, the other one liked it.

  4. Even the tulips are depressed by this! Can't say that I blame them.

  5. I'm laughing so hard about the comment of hubby and wife fighting over the TV placement over the fireplace! This is something hubby and I constatly argue about--in our home no TV is left uncovered. I hate walking into a room and seeing them. Once the kids moved out, we turned their bedrooms into guest rooms. We installed shelf units in our closets and the guest TVs are in the closet.

  6. Gotta say I dont love the comments that hate on artwork.


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