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People in Glass Houses...

Source: Canadian House and Home

...shouldn't paint their walls ugly colors.


  1. WTF is with the shower door in the entryway? I keep wanting there to be a showerhead on the stripy wall.

    That said, I can deal with the stripy wall or the green ones, but not both. Color Overload!

  2. Oh, now I like this except for the glass wall insert. The black stair rail makes it 'pop' (HGTV speak!)

  3. All I can think of when I see that is, how often do people smack into those doors?

  4. This looks like a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Except, that's not giving any props to Roy.

  5. Love the chair with the little balls around the bottom. The glass doors - not so much.

  6. Does this home belong to MacKenzie-Childs or a wanna-be?

  7. If you live in Canada you probably need a vestibule to keep from allowing the cold air in and the hot air out. The owners probably wanted to keep the second set of doors clear glass to allow light and not close in the interior area. Actually, it's a neat idea--but looze the MacKensie-Childs look!


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