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Mother: "When I said 'Do something with your clothes' I didn't mean make a chair out of them!!!"


  1. It's actually quite convenient. Just drape your clean clothes over a laundry basket; use it as a chair, and remove the top item when getting dressed in the morning.

  2. Hi Girls,

    This is the first time that I've dropped by and I'm so glad I did...its fantastic to see so many bad photo' many things wrong and not everything styled and perfect. Without being too offensive WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING??? And we can console ourselves that just because some have money doesn't mean they have taste!!!!! I have had a great laugh and went back to some of your previous posts...the bum hole canapy bed OMG!! The pornagraphic bedroom (did you notice the bottles on a shelf in the corner I surmizing massage oil!!!JOY...and those cactus on the you think some people think they are so cool making a design statement - it beggers belief how they can live this way. Maybe they do these rooms just photo's and go and live in the back shed at the bottom of the garden LOL!!!!!!

    Take care both of you and have a good day!!

    Janine Marshall
    Tasmania, Australia

    p.s. Your sense of humour is outstanding


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