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Sideboard Boredom

JANET: Let's file this one under "Someone Thought They Had A Good Idea (But Not Really)"
JOY: Yeah, and also 'Someone Had a Cheap Idea'.
JANET: Well, we are in a recession.
JOY: Still. It's a sideboard made from...
JANET: Boards.
JOY: Wow, that's some clever. A play on words and everything.

Via: the style files

JANET: And to open the cabinets you apparently have to remove that huge branch.
JOY: Ugh, that's handy. Does styling it up really help anything?

Via: the style files

Janet: Nope.


  1. well it's kinda cool (I like a rustic look) thought not very functional especially with a toddler in tHe house!

  2. I do like the look. But I wonder, do the boards just fall down when you remove the branch?

  3. I'd feel like I was supposed to pole-vault or something everytime I took that stick off. And with kids? Um, no.

  4. LOL...Really Loud! I was thinking the same thing! I'm also wondering if the boards will fall of if you remove the branch...You beat me to it Anonymous.

  5. Perhaps this is the Cavemen's way of baby-proofing their cupboards. ;o)



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