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Socket To Me!

Source: notcot

This idea was most definitely thought up by a man.


  1. socket love - no longer a secret fetish...

  2. I don't know....I kinda like it. Instead of being all cluttered up, the cords are making a statements. Maybe not quite so many plugs though....

  3. Do you really think those are all wired?

  4. I can't imagine that they would be all wired. By the code, you're only supposed to have so many outlets on a single circuit. Can you imagine how many extra circuits you'd have to have on your breaker to support that?

    Though I can't really imagine this whole thing would be up to code...

  5. Definitely not showing my husband this photo.

  6. I hope they've labeled the ones that are live or the others are obviously fake when seen close up.

    How's that for an evening's entertainment? Honey -- do you remember which one was for the Blu-ray? No. I guess we'll just have to start at the upper left and keep trying until we get the right one. I know! Let's invite the neighbours and make a party of it!

  7. At first I agreed with Susan about not showing it to hubby, but curiosity got the best of me. My hubby is an electrical/technology addict--He laughed, said definitely always would be an outlet when needed, but then he commented that they all couldn't be workable due to code, etc., etc., etc. LOL--TOO MUCH INFORMATION, Hubby!


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