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Wherein Joy Loses It a Little

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JOY: You know what drives me insane about this room?
JANET: Uh, everything?
JOY: Besides that.
JANET: Somehow I knew 'everything' just wouldn't be enough for you on this one...
JOY: What bugs me is the fact that if a rich person with a chi-chi designer decorates like this it's regarded as 'brilliant'.
JANET: Sad but true. And...?
JOY: If my Dad's second-cousin twice-removed decorates like this she is Looney-Tooney. Nutso. Toomuchintothesauce. Caftan-wearing bingo-hall junkie. Elvis-lovin'-drawn-on-eyebrows--
JANET: Okay, I get it already!
JOY: ...'cuz I can go further--
JANET: We're good.


  1. Is that couch upholstered from crocheted afghans? No? Oh, they must have just wanted it to look that way.

  2. Is that a giant tooth? That room really "bites".

  3. Whatever the big molar-chair has, their dog caught it too! Probably from the big scary man in the picture that hangs so carelessly between(?) the windows.

  4. Is this a page from a magazine in 1966? The Merrimekko cushions, the Andy Warhol type art the Saarinen table and molded chairs. Been there done that.

  5. I think the chair gets up at night and puts bite marks in the couch.

  6. That chair looks like a gaint molar.

  7. oh hahaha... guess I should have read what everyone else had said and then would have realised that everyone thinks the chair looks like a molar!

  8. I think that is supposed to be Marilyn Monroe. (?)

  9. I've seen this one before. Jonathan Adler, maybe? You're right though, some chi-chi designer is touted as being brilliant for creating this barfed-up design atrocity. *shakes head sadly*

  10. Ah, but you can paint a face on the chair and have a scary Hallowe'en decoration. No,'s scary enough the way it is!

  11. Looks like the crayon box threw up--and the jolly green giant lost his tooth!

    I laughed so much about the comment of the chair taking bites out of the sofa. TOO FUNNY!


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