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Are We Really THIS Busy?

Source: trendir

This faucet uses face recognition technology to check your emails. Well, we suppose really clean hands would be a direct benefit.


  1. For a minute there, I was thinking 'pink water! Coooool!'. Need. More. Coffee.

  2. had thought the washroom was one place you could get away from e-mails :)

  3. I know they're not going to ask my plumber to install this.
    He is one who puts in toilet bowls slightly sideways, who takes a perfectly functioning faucet and makes it hard to turn on or off, who takes away extra plumbing gadgets (that I paid extra for) without telling me.
    If he saw this, he would probably fix it with a hammer.

  4. Actually, I'll take 2 please! One for me and one for hubby--yes, we take our i-phones everywhere!

    I download e-books and read constantly. Yes in the bathroom, and especially in check out lines.(read over 1,000 e-books in the last two years) Hmmm, wonder if I could load the e-reader program and read while I brush my teeth and shower?


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