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Dear Designer,

Source: design milk

If you were going for the "Most Uncomfortable Chair That Is Sure To Leave You With A Sliver Up Your Ass" category, then you are sure to win the first prize - congratulations!


  1. Touchez (or however you spell that French word) ... you know what I mean! As Richard Dawson would say "Good answer!"

  2. So, what about all the little crawly things that are in tree trunks? And, since they have the big tree, couldn't they have at least made some legs to go with it that weren't chrome? Oh, and, don't wear any clothes you care about - or skin for that matter. "Where's the Bactine? I've been sitting in the living room again!"

  3. Did they force a tree to grow in that shape?

  4. This would definitely make you vacum daily--those of you who have wood burning fireplaces know what I mean. Here a bark, there a bark, every where bark bark.

    Off Topic, but related: Thank you to the person who invented gas fireplaces or any other faux fireplace


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