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Gentle Reader,

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This post was supposed to be an 'If These Walls Could Talk' conversation with Joy referencing how the furniture slightly/notsoslightly resembles peas-and-carrots, and me (Janet-- the sugar addict) referencing how the blobby things look more like Giant Delicious Jellybeans. (Yum.)

However, upon closer inspection of the photo we noticed the little wooden-clown-marionette- dudes on the window sill, and I made the seemingly innocuous remark to Joy that we should also mention how those little guys jump off the window sill at night and dance a funny little marionette dance-- all by themselves.

This freaked Joy out sufficiently that we never did get around to writing the original conversation as planned.

However, we assure you, it would have been hilarious.

Kindest Regards,


  1. Funny my eye went right to those two little characters and I'm now laughing out loud at your comments. I would have been hilarious.

  2. I agree, go on you gotta write it!

  3. yum, Yum, Jelly beans--NOT peas & carrots


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