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Have Bench, Will Travel...

Source: dornob

And in the ongoing Battle of the Sexes:

Men: "Wow- that is REALLY cool!"*
(*Translation: 'I wonder how many drunken friends with beers can I fit on there?')

Women: "What is the freakin' point of that??"*
(*Translation: 'You are never going to find out.')


  1. Yes, nevah!!!!!!!

  2. As a man, i'd like to note that the translation is incomplete. The real one is hard to report in a plain english sentence, but it definitely includes a downhill race against a shopping cart.

  3. Okay, the minute I saw that I busted out laughing! WTH

  4. Personally -- I like this concept. You could move the bench to always be in the sun (or shade) as you desire!

  5. A man designed this one, so he could easily move the bench to mow the grass. :-)

  6. Actually, being a woman who has been asked by her parents to repeatedly move a garden bench ("I think it would be better over there"--next day--"No, it looked better by the tree"), I would have been very, very grateful for wheels.

    But this design is flawed. In order to move it with people on it, you'd need an armrest on the wheel-end so the people don't fall off.


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