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Here We Go Again!

Source: inewidea

And in our ongoing rant about dangerous stairs...


  1. The top step doesn't seem to set fully in : /

  2. And, you know this couple gets in fights all the time b/c the guy always leaves the stairs up.

  3. Do the stair close up at random moments? (Like, when you're climbing them?). Potential for endless hours of Indiana Jones fun...

  4. Reminds me of Hogwarts. That means, it´s great!

  5. I think the mechanism to open and close the steps would have to be fairly complex. It'd have to lower those steps slowly, otherwise, can you imagine the noise when the steps all clatter into place? And notice how the animation just kind of skips right on over the shutting sequence.

    And can you imagine what a pain it would be if it broke? Having to get someone to come over _now_ because your stairs are shut closed and you can't get to your bathroom.

    Never mind the safety issues- these stairs are a logistical nightmare if you ask me.

  6. Those stairs actually look scary to me...

  7. Ok I am already terrified of stairs without rises. Now I have to fear that the fu**ers might suddenly lift up on me like that?


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