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If You've Got It, Don't Flaunt It

Source: Instyle

Hint for Mariah: If you're trying to get women to like you this will not help.


  1. OMG to have a closet (room?) like that would be grand!

    { Lindsey }

  2. I don't think she cares about us. The shoes are probably more important that what we think of her.

  3. I can't get beyond the gaudy pink chair!

  4. i can't get over that there is an ENTIRE section just for gold shoes. Wow.

    This is so huge and brightly lit, it's like a shopping mall. Which leads me to wonder--do you think when Mariah is actual IN a shopping mall, she sometimes gets confused and drops trou right then and there to change clothes? Mariah in her underpants--might be scary enough to stay away, if not for the Auntie Anne's Pretzels luring me ever closer.

    Really just posting to say, you guys are awesome. I found you through the BlogLuxe Awards (I'm a fellow finalist), and I've now added you to my feeds because you crack me up. You're like GoFugYourself for houses; it's BRILLIANT.

  5. I think this was on Cribs once... crazyyyy

  6. Oh my goodness, that's where I want to go to die. So pretty!


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