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Let's Play The "Do You Like?" Game

JOY: Do we have to?
JANET: Yes. Do you like this?

JOY: No.
JANET: Do you like this?

JOY: Gawd, no.
JANET: Do you like this?

Source: all photos via design milk

JOY: Listen, the only way I would like any of this stuff is if it were sitting atop of the "Burn Pile" at my one of my brother's all-night bonfires.


  1. All of it reminds me of a "maxi" dress I wore in the 1970's!

  2. I think these were made by Andy Warhol's little quilt-making grandmother - while she was on acid. And it was a bad trip.

  3. I love them, the little cabinet in the second picture especially. Wouldn´t mix them all together, but just imagine these in the white on white room you showed us some days ago!

  4. Moi agrees avec Helen. I like the cabinet, perhaps in a stark foyer with the uterus vase from Jonathan, filled with Snatchdragons. Oh, I mean Snapdragons. . . .

  5. Ouch! That hurt all at once. But upon closer inspection, I agree that the little chest has some thing going for it. Maybe it's like a runway outfit. You have to take it down a notch in real life. But the over the top version makes the point.

  6. People get paid for producing crap like this? My my.


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